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Design System examples and resources

Posted on November 09 2020. Updated on November 12 2020

A Design System defines the language and building blocks of an organisation's digital experiences. It is primarily used by designers and developers, and aims to bridge the two professions.

Through working with ...

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Manipulating colour in JavaScript

Posted on August 18 2019

Colours in Web Development are an interesting space; there are multiple formats for representing colours, and manipulating them to create new colours. In this talk, Nathan will discuss his experiment building a JavaSc...

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At the May 2019 SydJS meetup, Thinkmill unveiled Keystone 5 with a line-up of talks. In this talk, I show off how I am building The Garage, a social network for car lovers, using Keystone 5 and React Native.

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Bucket List

Posted on February 06 2016. Updated on January 08 2021


  • Become a web designer/developer 👨🏻‍💻
  • Do work for a large national/international company 🏢
  • Give three talks at meetups
  • Contribu...
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