Nathan Simpson

I'm a UI Designer & Developer at Thinkmill in Sydney, Australia. I'm passionate about Design Systems, and building products from concept to delivery.



I love bringing concepts to life through code. Most of my time is spent building products for awesome clients, as well as creating and contributing to open source libraries. I share many of my projects to GitHub.

I'm experienced with the following technologies...

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Design Systems
  • React
  • React Native
  • NextJS
  • Gatsby
  • NodeJS
  • Keystone
  • Swift

Some projects I've worked on...

  • Reckon Payroll App and Web

    Enables small businesses to conveniently do Payroll and STP reporting from an browser or mobile device. Learn more

    React Native
  • KeystoneJS

    KeystoneJS is a scalable platform and CMS for Node.js applications. Learn more

    Open Source
  • The Garage

    The Garage is an social network for car lovers in Sydney Australia. Learn more

    React Native
  • IsobelJS

    A beginner-friendly NodeJS framework for fetching data from your social profiles and other sources, to display in your own apps and websites. Learn more

    Open Source
  • hex-alpha

    A really simple package that enables you to specify an opacity for your HEX colours. Learn more

    Open Source
  • ITCLearning Website

    A WordPress-based website for a previous employer; Featuring a custom theme and registrations for webinars and events. Learn more



Occasionally I give talks at SydJS and React Sydney meetups. Check out the recordings below, and come and say hi at the next one!

Manipulating colour in JavaScript

Colours in Web Development are an interesting space; there are multiple formats for representing colours, and manipulating them to create new colour... Watch now

Prototyping a social network with Keystone 5

At the May 2019 SydJS meetup, Thinkmill unveiled Keystone 5 with a line-up of talks. In this talk, I show off how I am building The Garage, a social... Watch now

Contact Me

Would you like to get in touch? Feel free to message me through Twitter or LinkedIn.